General Information

How is LDN usually taken?

General dosing consideration

  • Usually a starting dose of 1.5mg daily on an empty stomach, titrated up to a maximum of 4.5mg daily over weeks, or months depending on how well it is tolerated
  • For weight loss it can be increased to twice daily dosing of up to 16mg total per day if tolerated.
  • Most often it is taken before bedtime as this is the time when the body’s natural endorphin cycle is most active, but in the case that it impairs sleep as a possible side effect, it can be dosed in the morning.
  • When used against various addiction, many physicians have found taking it an hour before that activity (example alcohol addiction) provides the best result.
  • Wait at least 1 month before assessing benefit, and often 3 to 8 months of use to attain a full effect.
  • No issues have been found when using while breastfeeding and pregnancies
  • Long term negative effects have not been seen at these low doses and there is no liver toxicity.
  • No tapering off is required when stopping.  
  • There is no lower age or upper age limit to use low dose naltrexone.