Therapeutic Uses

LDN for weight loss

There are several ways in which Low Dose Naltrexone supports weight loss:

  • Low dose naltrexone helps to normalize metabolism
  • Low dose naltrexone often helps fight the cravings associated with weight gain. By preventing emotional eating and snacking, the number of calories taken in is greatly reduced.
  • Low dose naltrexone may increase the body’s own growth hormone levels which in turn facilitates lean muscle growth and fat burning.  
  • Low dose naltrexone helps reduce insulin resistance which contributes to weight gain, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.  

People who are fighting weight gain often have a brain that continues to signal the body that it is hungry even when additional calorie intake in not required. Through various hormonal actions, this over-signaling leads to overeating and eventually to obesity. By stimulating our own endogenous endorphins, LND can reduce the joy we get from continuous eating.

Another secondary way it can help is through the simple reduction of inflammation. This often leads to better thyroid function as it improves T3 levels and increases T4 to T3 conversion, reducing symptoms of hypothyroidism (low thyroid).

You may find low dose naltrexone combined with bupropion (Contrave) or used as an addition to Wegovy (semaglutide)

Dosing is usually as follows:

  • Usually a starting dose of 1.5mg daily (evening or morning) on an empty stomach, titrated up to a maximum of 4.5mg daily over weeks, or months depending on how well it is tolerated
  • For weight loss it can be increased to twice daily dosing of up to 16mg total per day if tolerated.